Awesome Odessa

Страна Украина
Город Киев
Издательство Osnovy Publishing
Год издания 2017
Страниц 87
Тип печати Офсет.
Тип обложки Твердый переплет, мелованная бумага.
ISBN 978-966- 500-771- 5

350,00 ₴

Уникальный, современный, багато иллюстрированный путеводитель по
Одессе на английском языке! Все, что нужно знать об Одессе – в одной

With this book, we are pleased to share with you our love to Odessa! The book is
neither a guide nor a manual. Rather, it is an inside into the city we adore –
mellow, electric, and seductive. On its pages you will find references to major
historical events, famous and talented residents, art, culture, sports, literature,
traditions, and even beloved street food.

Odessa – “the pearl of the Black Sea” – is a vibrant, multicultural port city. Its
quirky architecture and laid-back beach culture have long made it a popular spot

for tourists and an inspiration for writers. Its vibrant streets, good music, eclectic
food, and live theatre entice visitors to unwind.

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